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Israel Bike trips

Bicycling has become one of the most popular sports in Israel in recent years.

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Bike trips

Bicycling has become one of the most popular sports in Israel in recent years. Israelis and tourists from all over the world enjoy the view, are exposed to the biking culture and participate in the experience of sport and nature.

Everywhere in Israel, on roads, on level paths, in the mountains or desert, groups of bikers are visible in colourful outfits, heads helmeted as they pedal with all their might, sweating, panting and happy.

Biking offers the opportunity for athletic activity that makes one feel good while enjoying nature and its exhilarating views. Israel's bike paths offer a place for travellers to explore the country’s secrets.  The bicycle is a wonderful means to become intimately acquainted with Israel’s many tourist attractions, nature reserves, forests and charming spots.

One can rent bicycles in many nature reserves and beauty spots and set off for the open spaces, at nature's slower, calmer pace. Most bike routes offer a meeting with nature's serenity and the surroundings, with convenient level paths, but those seeking challenge can find the adrenalin rush of various types of terrain and enjoy paths of varying difficulty to satisfy any craving.

Biking attracts a wide range of ages: children and their parents, grandparents and grandchildren, young and old alike can enjoy riding in the fresh air. It can be enjoyed alone or in groups, and the biking experience can be short and sweet or evolve into a longer journey in special, magical territory with professional guides. Come meet the power of nature, its beauty and charm, and take a few hours to ride just for the joy of it, alone with nature.

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