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Israel Eilat Holiday


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A resort town and bustling port, combining sea and desert, Eilat lies at Israel's southernmost tip.

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A resort town and bustling port, combining sea and desert, Eilat lies at Israel's southernmost tip. Sixty minutes by plane from Tel-Aviv, Eilat is situated amongst the wondrous scenery of the deep azure Red Sea and the Edom Mountains.

Eilat - A Resort Town

Eilat is a paradise for sea-sports fans who enjoy diving, water skiing, swimming and boating. It also has all the amenities of a modern resort - luxury hotels, fine restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, an international airport - plus VAT-free shopping (the city is a free trade zone).

Climate, Sun & Sports

Eilat has the perfect climate where the sun always shines. It almost never rains here - a mere half dozen days a year. Average daytime temperatures rarely dip below 21 C (70F), even in winter. The Red Sea beckons with irresistible appeal. The clear blue water is enticingly warm - even in mid-winter the average daytime water temperature stays above 20 C (68F). The calm surface of the sea is also ideal for boating activities: pedals, rowboats, kayaks and self-drive motor boats. You can take self-drive motor boats. You can take a one-hour or full day cruise abroad one of the yachts that depart regularly from the Eilat Marina.

Few sights can compare with the reefs seen through a snorkelling mask or from a glass-bottomed boat. Eilat is famous as a superb diving location. Total novices, with expert instruction available in snorkelling and scuba diving, can also enjoy the magic of the coral world. Action fun is not restricted to watersports. There is Tennis, squash, volleyball, racquetball and bicycling. Many hotels have well-equipped gyms.

For the more adventurous, there is rappelling on craggy cliffs of the desert mountains, or mountain biking. Eilat forms part of the Elot District - a region generously endowed by nature: mountains and plains in vivid colors, canyons of breathtaking beauty and wild landscape.

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