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Distances to and from the city

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From Haifa to…

Nazareth – 37 km

Tiberias – 57 km

Jerusalem – 131 km

Tel Aviv – 95 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 115 km

Massada – 213 km

Eilat – 427 km


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Sites & Attractions

The Bahai World Center on Haifa's Mount Carmel consists of nineteen terraced gardens an...
Museum presenting the annals of the Ha’apala (clandestine immigration) operations desig...
Museum housed in the original Technion building in Haifa featuring over 400 hands-on ex...
Museum on the history of shipping in the Mediterranean basin, Red Sea and Nile River. C...


Most rooms at the Leonardo Hotel Haifa are elegant suites. The hotel is located at the ...
Villa Carmel is a boutique hotel, which offers 15 stylish rooms.
​The hotel was 16 rooms and operates on a bed and breakfast. with 30 double-occupancy rooms with an option to add a chi...