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Jerusalem 2014 Cultural Calendar

Jerusalem 2014 Cultural Calendar
​The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) has launched its fourth annual cultural calendar.   

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The calendar highlights all of the capital’s major cultural events throughout 2014. It provides a clear and concise reference for everyone from tour operators to first-time visitors or even native Jerusalemites. (Calendar available in pdf format on request)
Jerusalem has become home to a number of new exciting festivals and cultural events, which have further increased her standing as one of the most diverse and culturally rich tourist destinations on the planet. This year is no exception, with a multitude of international festivals taking place all around the city.

Please note these events are subject to change and confirmation.
Further detailed information will be sent out during 2014.

February through May

Sounds of the Old City in March
“Winter Noise - Cultural Festival”  - Downtown Jerusalem becomes the backdrop for a festival that includes music, dance, street theater, video art, artist master classes etc.  (every Monday in February)
“Sounds of the Old City Festival” ( March 31- April 3)  One only has to stand at the Jaffa Gate for a few minutes before one can hear a multitude of sounds, the Church bells ringing, the Muezzin calls to prayer, the chitter chatter of locals and visitors from near and far in a range of languages. In the “Sounds of the Old City” Festival, the ancient cobbled streets of the Old City come alive with ensembles playing diverse musical styles from traditional Armenia to gospel music. Free.  
“The Arts Festival” (April 1-8) showcases hundreds of artists, singers and dancers in which a choice of performances will be open to the general public free of charge across the city.
“The Israel Festival” (May 29  - June 14)  is a three week program of spectacular art, music, dance and theater in Jerusalem’s top venues performed by artist from all over the world. In addition there are free performances of street theater across the city. This will be the 53rd year of the Israel Festival!

“Eco Tourism Weekend” (May 15-17) is a weekend when Jerusalem immerses itself in nature with highlighted bike rides, recycling workshops and activities for the whole family. 

“The International Writers Festival” (May 18-23) is a week of conversations between Israeli and guest authors, panel discussion and workshops, literature and film including events for children and a celebration of the poet Yehuda Amichai, all hosted by Mishkenot Sha’ananim.

June through September

Puppet Theatre Festival in August
Jerusalem heats up when the sixth "Jerusalem Festival of Light" (June 11- 19) brings the greatest light sculptors in the world to Jerusalem. Their works will light up the streets and alleys of the Old City, major tourist sites and public spaces.  
Jerusalem Season of Culture opens with the “In-House Festival" (July 7-11), hosted by the Jerusalem Season of Culture. The festival encourages visitors to explore multiple houses, immerse themselves in their layered history and discover a plethora or artist events that only could happen in Jerusalem as some of Jerusalem’s most interesting and intriguing homes host cultural productions within their walls. For a full list of Jerusalem Season of Culture events for Summer 2014 please see:
“The Jerusalem International Film Festival”  (July 10 - 19) features ten jam-packed days of screenings panels and festivities.  The festival opens with an outdoor premier under the starry Jerusalem skies in the Sultan Pool.
The Puppet Train Theater initiated the "Puppet Theater Festival" (dates to be confirmed) in 1983 and this celebration of visual theater has been an annual event since 2001 hosting local and international artists.  The festival mainly performs for children but there are performances for adults as well.
“The Jerusalem International Arts and Crafts Fair”  (August 11 - 23), held outside in Sultan’s Pool, features the work of hundreds of artists both local and international, alongside events for the family and nightly pop concerts. 
Also slated for the capital’s calendar is a Beer Festival and a Wine Festival during the month of August.
“The Piyyut Festival” Beit Avi-Chai presents ancient liturgical verse with new voices singing traditional words, each performance painting a colorful image of temple times.
“Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival” (September 9-12) organized by the Jerusalem Season of Culture is a magnificent four day festival that calls musicians from across the globe to celebrate their sacred traditions and music in the most sacred city of the world.  The festival brings its own unique voice into millennia-old caves, gardens and fortresses.

October through December

Jerusalem Hamshushalyim in December
“Manofim”  (dates to be confirmed) - a contemporary art festival.  This project features dozens of exhibitions and a variety of art events held in various galleries and other locations around the city.
The fifteenth “International Oud Festival”  (November 11-22) will take place in Jerusalem. The Oud Festival is a unique cultural experience that creates a multi-cultural dialogue linking past and present, East and West. 
"Knights in the Old City" - step back in time at the Jerusalem Knight festival in the Old city. Knights, kings, princesses, magicians, court jesters and peddlers roam the historic alleyways of the Old City accompanied by theater performances and pyrotechnics. Free.
“Hot Winter, Long Nights” Locally known as Hamshushalyim during the weekends of December, enjoy an amazing array of events at cultural institutions in the city with museum and tourist sites open free of charge to the public as well as discounted theater shows, exciting night tours and concerts across Jerusalem. 
Hanukkah celebrations and tours of the candle lit alleyways of the Old City are on offer with concerts and festivities taking place in the Christian Quarter for Christmas the following week.

Sports Calendar

Jerusalem Marathon

​Sporting events continue to take place in the capital. In March,  Jerusalem is set to take center stage, when thousands of athletes from around the world will take part in the "International Jerusalem Marathon" (March 21). which follows a breathtaking route through the city streets, old and new.  Ranked as one of the world’s top 10 marathons by British Women’s Running Magazine, the event will include three different running options (42km, 21 km, 10 km) that take participants through Jerusalem’s history, culture and unique and spectacular views. 

In addition there is also a family fun run of 4.2 km. In July there will be Formula 1 (July 3-4 TBC) racing around the city and in October there will be the International Gran Fondo Bicycle Race.


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