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Ein-hod (Israel)

Ein Hod is a charming, picturesque artists’ village set in the heart of the Carmel Forest.

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Ein-hod Ein Hod is a charming, picturesque artists’ village set in the heart of the Carmel Forest.  Established in 1949 by new immigrants, it became an artists’ village in 1953 at the initiative of Marcel Janco, a renowned Dada artist who organized an unusually diverse group of artists and craftspeople to settle among the ancient stone houses.

There are about 500 residents in the village, engaged in all areas of art from visual arts, painting, pottery and jewellery-making, to literature and theatre. They support themselves with their art, their galleries and by running workshops and educational activities.  Most of the studios are open to the public, and visitors are welcome to observe the artists, their materials and methods, and to hear from them about their work and their life in the village.

The main attraction in the village is the Janco-Dada Museum with its changing exhibits and collection of works by Janco, one of the founders of the Dada movement.  An amphitheatre was also built to host various events and performances.  Walking along Ein Hod’s streets and paths, and among the magnificently restored old homes, one is inspired by the beautiful works of art.  The art is also displayed in the local restaurants and enchanting guest houses. 

Ein Hod’s location at the foot of Mount Carmel, in close proximity of various tourist sites and nature reserves, provides many sightseeing opportunities.  Among the recommended places to visit are:  the Druze town of Daliyat el-Karmel; historic Zikhron Ya’akov; the Khof Dor-Ha-Bonim Reserve; the ancient Etsba Cave; Nakhal Me'arot Reserve; Nakhal Kelakh.

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