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US Magazine Rates Tel Aviv Top 10 Sexiest city


US’ Traveler's Digest rates Tel Aviv in Top 10

​US’ Traveler's Digest rates Tel Aviv at number 10 spot for 'best looking men' and number seven spot for 'world's hottest women.' Male and female tourists looking for a destination with beautiful scenery and good looking residents need look no further than Tel Aviv, Israel, according to the US' Traveler's Digest site.

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Great Accolade

An article listing the 'Cities with the World's Best Looking Men' put Tel Aviv in the number 10 spot. Tel Aviv was also garnered a top 10 spot on the list of 'Cities with the World's Hottest Women,' coming in at number seven. The Digest cites Tel Aviv as a city with "enviable proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, artistic Bauhaus architecture, high-end dining, and a contemporary cultural scene, Tel Aviv has become a hot spot for trendsetters worldwide.
"Local cuties flaunt their fit bodies - made all the better by their year-round tans- at any of the numerous beaches and cafés found on the 10-mile seaside strip. In the evenings, you’ll find these guys dancing the night away at the trendiest venues in town. Reputed to be opinionated but ultimately marriage–minded, you could do worse."
And as for the women, the digest notes that "Israel has some very beautiful women; there's just something about dark features and green eyes that is exotic and appealing.
"Tel Aviv is the focal point of Israel's youth culture and nightlife scene, so it makes sense that the most beautiful girls in the country can be found lounging on the city's Mediterranean beaches and in its happening night spots.

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