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Dead Sea


Wonder of Nature

South East of Jerusalem located in the Judean desert shines a million diamond-like pieces of salt glistening against the deep blue lake known as the Dead Sea. 

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The Dead Sea
There is over a 40 mile stretch which has been known for its therapeutic properties for millennia, even from the days of Cleopatra and King Solomon. Although its name and desert location sound foreboding, the Dead Sea is believed to promote health and vitality in ways no other place on earth can.
The Dead Sea is not a Sea at all but a lake and one of its tributaries is the Jordan River, and, once there, the water is trapped — the only way out is through evaporation. This explains the high density of salt and minerals, and the fact little organic life can survive.  The Dead Sea will leave you feeling anything except dead. The water is thick with salt and you are unlikely to find anyone swimming, but you will see bathers relax laying back and floating possibly with the daily paper or a good book.
Yam Ha’melach as it’s known in Hebrew is approximately 1,230ft below sea level, it’s the lowest point on earth and the air is rich in oxygen, its part of the reason why people come away from this natural spa so rejuvenated.  It has a year-round sunny climate; after all it’s the original oasis in the desert, boasting on average 330 days of sunshine per year with just a touch of rain in the winter.
The temperatures range between 20C in winter to 39C in summer — although sunbathers are less likely to burn here than anywhere else, because harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered out by thick atmospheric layers.  The air contains extra oxygen and bromine, which causes a relaxing effect, not to mention the area is virtually pollen-free, so it’s great for those with allergies even in summer.  The combination of mud, sea & air is highly beneficial for those suffering from skin ailments as well as those with joint problems and as in ancient times there are many spas offering a multitude of health & beauty treatments.

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