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Our Top 10 - in no particular order!

Everyone has one; these are the places and experiences that broaden your senses and expand your horizons, these highlights should be part of your Israel.

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Israel is where East meets west, where the ancient collides with the modern and the subsequent results in a kaleidoscope of transcendent colour.
Each city is different from the last and so is each area.  One thing that's synonymous with Israel as a whole is the rich culture and history that runs through each city, town and moshav (village).

From biblical times, through the Roman, Persian, Hellenistic, Byzantine/Roman, Arab, Crusaders, Mameluke and Ottomans empires they have all left behind their signatures which make for wonderful backdrops.

Israel is the original tourist destination. You may not be religious but you will probably remember from childhood, that Moses sent spies into the Promised Land the word Moses  used in the bible translates to "tour". Now we invite you to take your own tour of our unique country with our bucket list.

Old city Jerusalem



The Old City - sitting on top of mount Moriah like a jewel in a crown. Israel's capital is unmissable. From the layers of living history to the modern food movement there is something for everyone.
Experience a day in the life of a Tel Avivian
Experience a day in the life of a Tel Avivian!

Relax in the morning on the beach and have a game of Matkot – it’s the national sport! Stroll through the winding city and explore the museums, galleries and boutiques. As the sunsets get ready to join in the 24 hour culture with some trendy bars and clubs that are open when the sun rises.

Climb Masada at sunrise

Climb Masada at sunrise


What could be more majestic then seeing the sunrise the top of the ancient winter palace, as it has done for millennia.

Markets and Shuks

Markets & Shuks


Israel is truly a melting pot of cultures. What better way to experience this then with the huge selection of markets from the flea marketing in ancient Jaffa to the farmers markets dotted all over there is something for everyone.

Swimming with dolphins in Eilat
Swimming with dolphins in Eilat 

A unique experience where the dolphin chooses if he wants to visit the reef and if he wants to swim with you.

Taste a real Israeli breakfast

Taste a real Israeli breakfast


This is a must! It's an experience in itself what are you waiting for?

Kibbutz experience
Kibbutz experience 

Modern day phenomenon is the Kibbutz movement which started in 1905 and has dotted, mainly in the north, the landscape of Israel many of these are open to visitors who wish to spend anything from a few hours to a few month visiting and understand what Kibbutz life is all about.

Visit the Bahai gardens
Visit the Baha’i gardens

The beautifully symmetrical gardens are unique and against the backdrop of the Baha’i temple are simple outstanding.

Float in the Dead Sea
Float in the Dead Sea 

Since the days of Cleopatra people have been searching for its therapeutic waters and calming air.

Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee

 Possibly one of the most the most famous Seas in Israel and around the world, Sea of Galilee or Lake Kinneret as it’s known in Israel is the lowest freshwater lake in the world.


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